Grant Road School

I completed my Pre-Internship at Grant Road School in Regina Saskatchewan in a grade 4/5 split classroom. My Cooperating Teacher Rebecca Hammett was extremely helpful and encouraging and helped me to grow throughout the process.


Undara Experience

I worked at Undara Experience outside of Mt Suprise in Australia in the reception and reservations departments. I was asked to take on the booking, organizing and executing their grand event The Opera in the Outback as well.

TESOL Practicum

  I completed my 2 week ACE TESOL practicum at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta as well as 120 hours of in-class instruction. I taught university-level, adult ESL learners at the university under the supervision of my Coop Sheri Marendiuk It was here that I began to understand was is truly required to be... Continue Reading →

EF Tianjin

I worked at two of the school locations in Tianjin while with EF in China. This was the first EAL/ESL position I got after receiving my TESOL certification, This was a great learning experience as everything I learned as I went. A great deal I learned from my DOS (Director of Studies) and friend Matthew... Continue Reading →

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