Ab day… finally!

Decline kayak 24lbs 30sec x3 Russians 35lbs 40x6 Side bend 35lbs 10 (R/L) x3 Pull up Bodyweight 5x3 Incline Chest/shoulder press 35lbs db 5x2 Lunge around track ~70 reps over 5 min approx 70min


Another Leg day

Outer thigh press 200lbs 10x1 225lbs 10x2 250lbs 5x1 Inner thigh press 150lbs 10x2 160lbs 5x2 45 degree leg press 200lbs 5x5 Calf raise 90lbs 1x10 135lbs 1x10 Leg swing machine Back 320lbs 20x1 Outer 220lbs 10x1 Inner 200lbs 10x1 Bulgarian lunge 25lbs db 10 (R/L)x2 30lbs db 10 (R/L)x2 Standing donkey kick 45lbs L... Continue Reading →

Pushing the weight a little further

W db overhead raise 30lbs 5x5 Decline Bench 75lbs 5 (2sec pause)x2 85lbs 5 (2sec pause)x3 Lateral shoulder raise machine 60lbs 5x5 Incline chest press machine 50lbs 5x1 70lbs 5x4 Chest fly machine 70lbs 5x1 80lbs 5x5 Standing leg swing back 320lbs 5x1 Wide grip lat pull down 80lbs 5x5 Tricep dips Bodyweight 5x3 Tricep... Continue Reading →

A very good leg day

So I decided to do another leg day and try pushing my max weight now that I have an idea of what I can do and I feel like it went great! Front thigh press machine 135lbs 10x1 180lbs 5x1 200lbs 5x1 210lbs 5x3 Next time try for 5x5 of 215lbs 45 degree leg press... Continue Reading →

A very good day

I wanted to do a good back day and really push some of the weights (as much as I could). Now that I am feeling better and not in pain every time I move I really want to feel the 'pain' of a good workout. I think I achieved that today! Bent over BB rows... Continue Reading →

Full body day

I showed some real dedicated this morning, because I had to walk 10 minutes through deep fluffy snow to the bus stop so I could get to the gym! But I did it like a champ! One arm cable shoulder and ab push 35lbs 10(each) x1 60lbs 5 (each) x3 Seated row 100lbs 5x5 (25lbs... Continue Reading →

Focus on the positives

So yesterday I felt really crappy, but I've 24 hours to think about it and talk it over with a few people and I feel a little bit better now. Okay so yes, as far as competitions this year I am done. If I try to lift I could very likely end up hurting myself... Continue Reading →

Quick day

I decided to attempt some ab exercises and they were all excellent! Leg press 120lbs 8x5 Lunge around track Bodyweight ~6 min Decline kayak (abs) 18lb bar 30 sec x3 Russian twists 20lbs MB 50x3 I felt pretty frustrated after this day because I decided to try some squats. I did 5 regular squats and... Continue Reading →

10 rep day

Seated Row 75lbs 10x5 Back pull down machine 110lbs 10x2 90lbs 10x3 Overhead shoulder press machine 60lbs 10x4 45lbs 10x1 Back fly machine 45lbs 10x5 Lunge around track bodyweight ~6 min

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