Progression of a painter

I had a lot of different ideas of what to do for my learning project, learning an instrument, yoga, doing an unassisted pull-up, meditation, crochet or running. I knew I wanted to do something that I would actually enjoy and would want to do. When it came down to it I decided that if I... Continue Reading →


The end or the beginning

For my last painting of my learning project I really wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to try and find a painting tutorial that was interesting but also would allow myself to try something new. That is why I chose a project that at first appeared quite difficult. I had watched other videos for paintings of... Continue Reading →

Painting acceptance

I am currently taking another Spring class at the UofR at the same time. EFDN 306 is Schooling and Sexualities and confronts and discussed LGBTQ issues head-on. We were able to choose any way we wanted to create or present our final project. Therefore, as I have been learning so much about acrylic painting that... Continue Reading →

Zen in my heart and on the canvas

I decided to use another Painting with Jane for my next painting as I really like the step by step tutorial and she does demonstrate simple techniques for a beginner like me to follow. As I have been enjoying the process and been able to relax a bit when I've been doing these paintings I... Continue Reading →

Painting Edgar Allan

First of all I want to say that I am really enjoying this learning project! It is defiantly a chance for me to unwind, relax, get out of my head and create something that I care about. I already feel like I will continue painting after this class is over! So I did a bit of looking... Continue Reading →

2nd attempt at painting

So I went ahead and attempted a second painting, because really why would I just stop at one? Especially when I wasn't all that happy with that one. Incase you missed it you can read all about it here. I wanted to try a different technique with this one and focus more on the sky... Continue Reading →

First attempt at painting

I tried my first paining yesterday! I decided to watch a few videos (Clive5art was definetly my favourite), listen to some of the smaller tips, tricks and techniques they mention and then just go for it. Try something and see what happens. I decided at first to try and paint wascana lake, the bike path... Continue Reading →

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