Apps for chrome… Who knew!

I was recently introduced to several chrome extension apps, something that I didn't really know existed. I knew of things such as Honey, great for anyone who online shops. whenever you go to checkout and there is the coupon box... Well, Honey finds coupons for you and gets you the best deal! And anyone who... Continue Reading →


A new world found in Twitter Ed chats

I have heard about twitter chats before, they sometimes have on reality shows or after a special episode where viewers can chat with the stars, but I had no idea how it worked. Honestly I never really gave a whole lot of thought to Twitter on the whole, let alone special chats. It wasn't until... Continue Reading →

EF Tianjin

I worked at two of the school locations in Tianjin while with EF in China. This was the first EAL/ESL position I got after receiving my TESOL certification, This was a great learning experience as everything I learned as I went. A great deal I learned from my DOS (Director of Studies) and friend Matthew... Continue Reading →

2018 Resume

Andrea L. Bregg Mobile: By request email: By request Twitter: @Miss_Bregg Skype name: By request ____________________________________________________________________________________ Objective To obtain employment in an energetic environment, and to be given the opportunity to utilize my skills as an educator and positive outgoing person. Skills Summary Open to teacher share and trying out new ideas and techniques. Interpersonal... Continue Reading →

Painting Edgar Allan

First of all I want to say that I am really enjoying this learning project! It is defiantly a chance for me to unwind, relax, get out of my head and create something that I care about. I already feel like I will continue painting after this class is over! So I did a bit of looking... Continue Reading →

2nd attempt at painting

So I went ahead and attempted a second painting, because really why would I just stop at one? Especially when I wasn't all that happy with that one. Incase you missed it you can read all about it here. I wanted to try a different technique with this one and focus more on the sky... Continue Reading →

Things I learned on Feedly

The entire idea of Feedly is very interesting, thought provoking and useful. However, at the same time it is a lot of work! Not only do you have to do the work to find the interesting and thought provoking bloggers and articles but now you also have to keep up with them all. Oh my... Continue Reading →

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