End of an EDTC era

Well, the spring 2018 semester is almost at an end. It’s hard to believe, these 2 months have flown by!

I have tried to include as much as could in my video below, but 7 minutes (7:34) just really isn’t that long when you are trying to squeeze everything from an entire semester into it!

I hope you enjoy my summary.

I tried to stretch my techy muscles and actually used imovie instead of my old faithful combination: powerpoint and screencast-o-matic.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


8 thoughts on “End of an EDTC era

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  1. This is really well done, Andrea! I really enjoyed how this gave a ‘documentary’ type of vibe to it. It really seemed like you learned a lot, as did I! I did not know there was a course for google education. I think I will have to look into that more because that could be very helpful in the near future! Always looking to expand my knowledge. Have a great summer!

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  2. Wow, Andrea! This is so beautifully put together. I feel like you covered everything so well and kudos to you for going out of your comfort zone to create this video. I really enjoyed how you broke out of the presentation to include clips of you talking to the camera it made it so personal!

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  3. Hi Andrea, Thanks so much for your blog post! You were able to cover everything so nicely and successfully! Thank-you for being so thorough with this final post. It really seems like you have learned a lot which is definitely the intent of the class in general!

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