End of an EDTC era

Well, the spring 2018 semester is almost at an end. It's hard to believe, these 2 months have flown by! I have tried to include as much as could in my video below, but 7 minutes (7:34) just really isn't that long when you are trying to squeeze everything from an entire semester into it!... Continue Reading →


To classroom facebook or not

Below is an example of a well thought out *example* proposal from Elementary school teachers and the rebuttal from Administrators Dear Ms. Gattinger, For the last 2 years the influx of cyberbullying in our community and school has been on the rise. The grade 4 teachers have had an excellent idea that might help children... Continue Reading →

Learning by helping others learn

Throughout my EDTC300 class this spring I have tried to be a good model of a digital citizen and thereby help others be more conscious of their own. As well as, helping my classmates learn and get as much out of this class as they could, and if there was time left over I hoped... Continue Reading →

Coding the filters of the universe

I completed my hour of code (sorry no certificate, because I didn't sign in). When trying to choose a coding game I decided to go with my interests and chose a science topic and learned all about how Astronomers colour nebulas and stars in our universe. Recolouring the Universe for Grade 6 and up and... Continue Reading →

Progression of a painter

I had a lot of different ideas of what to do for my learning project, learning an instrument, yoga, doing an unassisted pull-up, meditation, crochet or running. I knew I wanted to do something that I would actually enjoy and would want to do. When it came down to it I decided that if I... Continue Reading →

The end or the beginning

For my last painting of my learning project I really wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to try and find a painting tutorial that was interesting but also would allow myself to try something new. That is why I chose a project that at first appeared quite difficult. I had watched other videos for paintings of... Continue Reading →

Painting acceptance

I am currently taking another Spring class at the UofR at the same time. EFDN 306 is Schooling and Sexualities and confronts and discussed LGBTQ issues head-on. We were able to choose any way we wanted to create or present our final project. Therefore, as I have been learning so much about acrylic painting that... Continue Reading →

I am not the best detective

I had to recently cyber creep a classmate for an assignment in EDTC300. I was to find as much information I could about Megan. She told me ahead of time that she was pretty sure that her online presence was going to be pretty bad and I would most likely be able to find a... Continue Reading →

Online and Offline identity

I often go back and forth between not wanting to have any social media presence to wanting to have a larger presence and be known for my weightlifting, teaching, traveling and veganism. These are all things that are important to me and part of what makes me who I am. There are days that part of... Continue Reading →

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