Progression of a painter

I had a lot of different ideas of what to do for my learning project, learning an instrument, yoga, doing an unassisted pull-up, meditation, crochet or running. I knew I wanted to do something that I would actually enjoy and would want to do. When it came down to it I decided that if I... Continue Reading →


The end or the beginning

For my last painting of my learning project I really wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to try and find a painting tutorial that was interesting but also would allow myself to try something new. That is why I chose a project that at first appeared quite difficult. I had watched other videos for paintings of... Continue Reading →

Painting acceptance

I am currently taking another Spring class at the UofR at the same time. EFDN 306 is Schooling and Sexualities and confronts and discussed LGBTQ issues head-on. We were able to choose any way we wanted to create or present our final project. Therefore, as I have been learning so much about acrylic painting that... Continue Reading →

I am not the best detective

I had to recently cyber creep a classmate for an assignment in EDTC300. I was to find as much information I could about Megan. She told me ahead of time that she was pretty sure that her online presence was going to be pretty bad and I would most likely be able to find a... Continue Reading →

Online and Offline identity

I often go back and forth between not wanting to have any social media presence to wanting to have a larger presence and be known for my weightlifting, teaching, traveling and veganism. These are all things that are important to me and part of what makes me who I am. There are days that part of... Continue Reading →

Powerlifting Bench

This was the second powerlifting class for my students, as this lift is technical and I would not be able to cue every student I knew I needed to have a solid plan in place for classroom management. I used a video of powerlifters benching at the beginning of the class again. The important aspects... Continue Reading →

Powerlifting Squat in Phys Ed

This was the first introduction of powerlifting to my Grade 4/5 students. As the Squat is the first lift in a competition I decided to do it first. The important aspects to remember were: Showing a video in the classroom will be a quick and easy way to show and demonstrate the proper squat technique.... Continue Reading →

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