2nd attempt at painting

So I went ahead and attempted a second painting, because really why would I just stop at one? Especially when I wasn’t all that happy with that one. Incase you missed it you can read all about it here.

I wanted to try a different technique with this one and focus more on the sky rather than the sky, grass, pathway and lake… looking back, maybe that was a little bit too much!

So this time I started off by doing a pencil drawing of what I was planning to do


In case you can’t guess that’s a city… not sure what city it is, just a city!

Because I wanted it to be all in shadow I didn’t need to differentiate between the buildings or anything like that, so that made it much easier!

by the way, I realize the canvas looks pink, but that’s just from the umbrella on the patio, it really is a white canvas under a red umbrella!

The next step was to get out the tiny brush and outline the city.


Again I knew that I didn’t have to be super careful with the buildings as they were all going to be in shadow. The next step was to start on the sky, I wanted to go for a real “land of living skies” sunset, the only problem is, I feel like I am seriously lacking when it comes to the colours in my set…


10 colours yah! but not a pink, purple or red to be found!

And I know what you’re thinking, “you can just make those colours by mixing others!”

Photo Credit: David441491 Flickr via Compfight cc

And yes I know! I tried… it didn’t go so well!

20180514_141226 2

Lesson learned! blue and green do not always make purple, sometimes they make a weird sea sick green, but when in doubt, add yellow… and white…. and then use sparingly!

I’ll have to do some more research on mixing acrylics and see if anyone has a secret they wish to share!
In the end though I am actually happier with this one than the first, here’s how it ended up looking:


Not sure what I’m going to attempt for the 3rd one, but I know I have some shopping and research to do!

I am going to watch a few more youtube videos on ‘how to’ as well as find some ideas on mixing colours.

I need to buy:
-a pallat knife


12 thoughts on “2nd attempt at painting

Add yours

    1. Hi Lauren,
      Yes there are a ton to choose from, I found it was a matter of looking around and finding one that matched my style and set up the videos in a way that worked for me. For instance, offering step by step instructions instead of just painting and describing what they’re doing as they’re doing it eg. “I’m gonna make a nice rich blue and make this river look more like a babbling brook” – but doesn’t explain how they did it!


  1. This looks amazing!! I love the technique that you are using to create the skyline and adding an element at the bottom that has different heights and widths, is a great way to draw your eye across the whole painting! It is great to see that you are making progress already after just one week and I am so excited to see even more progress from you! I also see that you want to try using a pallet knife and I’m excited to see your results! Good Luck!


  2. I love this post! I really liked that you linked to your first painting as well, great work! I haven’t done my second post yet but this is making me motivated!


  3. Hi Andrea!
    Good job at painting! I love to paint as well, I wish I would have thought of it as a learning project. In my second year I took an elective introduction to arts class and found it to be helpful. I’m looking forward to what you come up with next!


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