First attempt at painting

I tried my first paining yesterday! I decided to watch a few videos (Clive5art was definetly my favourite), listen to some of the smaller tips, tricks and techniques they mention and then just go for it. Try something and see what happens.

I decided at first to try and paint wascana lake, the bike path and the sky…. well it kind of worked out that way. I didn’t have a picture or anything to work from, just an idea in my head.

Jason “jRock” Bryant Flickr via Compfight cc

I discovered the first thing that Monet, Van Gogh and other impressionist painters do is to paint the entire canvas one colour, this way if any colour shows through it’s not the stark white of the canvas. So I decided to do a kind of dirt colour and used orange and brown (this just seemed like 2 logical choices).

As I tried paining I could tell that I wasn’t getting any kind of a 3-dimensional look to it, it looked very flat, I also screwed up the pathway and it kind of became hills or something in the distance. I liked my clouds, but I would have done them a little bit differently, making them look more like huge clouds rolling in rather than looking like flat little puffs.

All in all I guess it’s a decent start, but I’m not happy with it. But I am going to try to learn from it and try again next time.


What I learned for next time:

  1. use different sized brushes
  2. Don’t use as much black
  3. Use a lighter base
  4. mix paint properly
  5. don’t forget to add the details

I am going to try a post on Craftsy as well as see if I can find some step by step ideas on Pinterest


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