Grant Road School

I completed my Pre-Internship at Grant Road School in Regina Saskatchewan in a grade 4/5 split classroom. My Cooperating Teacher Rebecca Hammett was extremely helpful and encouraging and helped me to grow throughout the process.


Grand Road Pre-Internship

I completed my Pre-Internship in a grade 4/5 split classroom at Grant Road School in Regina, Saskatchewan. During my Fall 8 week Wednesday block I taught a variety of lessons including a Remembrance Day animal lesson, a writing lesson focusing on adjectives as well as one on transitions. During my Winter 3 week block, I... Continue Reading →

Undara Experience

I worked at Undara Experience outside of Mt Suprise in Australia in the reception and reservations departments. I was asked to take on the booking, organizing and executing their grand event The Opera in the Outback as well.

TESOL Practicum

  I completed my 2 week ACE TESOL practicum at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta as well as 120 hours of in-class instruction. I taught university-level, adult ESL learners at the university under the supervision of my Coop Sheri Marendiuk It was here that I began to understand was is truly required to be... Continue Reading →

Zen in my heart and on the canvas

I decided to use another Painting with Jane for my next painting as I really like the step by step tutorial and she does demonstrate simple techniques for a beginner like me to follow. As I have been enjoying the process and been able to relax a bit when I've been doing these paintings I... Continue Reading →

Is this the dark web?

I've always had a pretty good understanding of how the internet works and the idea that nothing is private; once it's out there it's out there for good. Additionally, I have always tried to keep my social media presence slightly on the more conservative side, although I will share gym pics and videos on my... Continue Reading →

Apps for chrome… Who knew!

I was recently introduced to several chrome extension apps, something that I didn't really know existed. I knew of things such as Honey, great for anyone who online shops. whenever you go to checkout and there is the coupon box... Well, Honey finds coupons for you and gets you the best deal! And anyone who... Continue Reading →

A new world found in Twitter Ed chats

I have heard about twitter chats before, they sometimes have on reality shows or after a special episode where viewers can chat with the stars, but I had no idea how it worked. Honestly I never really gave a whole lot of thought to Twitter on the whole, let alone special chats. It wasn't until... Continue Reading →

EF Tianjin

I worked at two of the school locations in Tianjin while with EF in China. This was the first EAL/ESL position I got after receiving my TESOL certification, This was a great learning experience as everything I learned as I went. A great deal I learned from my DOS (Director of Studies) and friend Matthew... Continue Reading →

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