Another Leg day

Outer thigh press
200lbs 10×1
225lbs 10×2
250lbs 5×1

Inner thigh press
150lbs 10×2
160lbs 5×2

45 degree leg press
200lbs 5×5

Calf raise
90lbs 1×10
135lbs 1×10

Leg swing machine
Back 320lbs 20×1
Outer 220lbs 10×1
Inner 200lbs 10×1

Bulgarian lunge
25lbs db 10 (R/L)x2
30lbs db 10 (R/L)x2

Standing donkey kick
45lbs L 7×2/R 5×2
60lbs L 6×3/R 5×3

Chin ups
Bodyweight 5×3 (3rd failed on 4th rep)

Tried pull up with 45lbs assist but failed to do 2 more – work definitely still needed!!)


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