A very good leg day

So I decided to do another leg day and try pushing my max weight now that I have an idea of what I can do and I feel like it went great!

Front thigh press machine
135lbs 10×1
180lbs 5×1
200lbs 5×1
210lbs 5×3
Next time try for 5×5 of 215lbs

45 degree leg press
180lbs 5×1
200lbs 5×5

Hip thrust
185lbs 5×3
The weight was okay, the reason why I didn’t do the last 2 sets is because the bar was really starting to hurt even though I had a folded mat between me and the bar. I’ll have to come up with another plan if I am going to keep upping this weight, because I know I can do more.

Single leg swing back machine
320lbs 20 (each leg)x3

Stiff leg deadlift
105lbs 8×3

Lunge around track
10lbs db 100 ~4:30

Wide grip lat pull down
65lbs 5×1
75lbs 5×5

Bicep curls
25lbs db 10 (total) x5

Fast db bicep curls
15lbs 20 (total) x3

1 hour 30 min

40 min cardio



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