A very good day

I wanted to do a good back day and really push some of the weights (as much as I could). Now that I am feeling better and not in pain every time I move I really want to feel the ‘pain’ of a good workout. I think I achieved that today!

Bent over BB rows
65lbs 5×2
75lbs 5×5

Elevated supine crunch
25lbs 10×3

Elevated prone extension
25lbs 10×2

I had to stop these because I started to have some pain in the left side of my back on my ribs.

Chin up
bodyweight 5×3
Difficult after the first 3 but tried to force myself to keep going, felt too tired after the 3 sets

Supine leg press
120lbs 5×1
150lbs 5×3

Russian twists
25lbs 50×1
35lbs 30×2

Bent over DB rows
40lbs 8 (each) x1
50lbs 5 (each) x2

Lunge around track
100 (with walking)
4 min

70 min total workout time


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