Not feeling it in my upper body

I know I have to take it easy on my upper body because of ribs, and I have told myself that I am not allowed to bench yet (I decided to try it at the end of the workout anyways) but I am just not feeling any muscles waking up in my chest or arms.... Continue Reading →


Upper body because my legs are dying

After all the lunges and getting back into the leg press my legs are definitely awake again! I wanted to keep the muscles awake so I still a bit legs, just tried to concentrate on different muscles than yesterday. Seated Bicep curl 10lbs db 10x2 20lbs db 5x5 Seated shoulder press 10lbs db 10x2 20lbs... Continue Reading →

Low weight, high reps

I thought today (Saturday October 28) I would try and do a few accessory exercises to still keep active and continue building muscle, but without putting pressure on my ribs. I was quite cautious, starting with really low weight and going up to 50% or so of what I had been lifting. I feel like... Continue Reading →

Just a little bit

I've been pretty stressed so today (Thursday Oct 26) I wanted to try and do just a bit of work in the gym. 45 min treadmill (fast walk) 4.3/3.0 Elevated back leg lunge bodyweight 15 (each leg)x2

Still taking a break

So i have been trying to give my body, more specifically my ribs rest so I can get better and get back to lifting. I've been alternating ice and heat on my side to try and speed up recovery. I decided to try some yoga so that I could actually get some fitness in as... Continue Reading →


Squatting without my belt today, won't be able to go very heavy unfortunately. Regular squat 95lbs 5x1 115lbs 5x1 (sec pause) 135lbs 5x3 (3 sec pause) failure on last rep Front Squat 65lbs 5x5 (5 sec pause) Stiff leg dead 95lbs 5x10 45 min can't do 45 degree leg press - tried 90lbs and it... Continue Reading →

Light day

Close grip press 80lbs 4x1 75lbs 5x10 Straight bar curl 60lbs 5x5 Superset Side 15lbs x1 / 10lbs 10x3 Front 15lbs x1 / 10lbs 10x3 Back 15lbs x1 / 10lbs 10x3 Did the superset today because I skipped it yesterday. 50 min total

Dead, dead, dead

I had high hopes for this deadlift day, I was feeling good, but on my last set of deadlifts my left lower ribs started hurting again. Maybe it's my belt, or I need more muscle over top of my ribs, or I need the layer of fat back... I'm not sure but 30 minutes after... Continue Reading →

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