Deadlifts make me stronger

215lbs 1 rep max (I thought I was doing 225 but I think I had the 'ladies bar' which is 35 lbs instead of 45 lbs, I'm not sure but I thought I would go down just in case to motivate myself and to not get discouraged later on) Sumo Deadlifts 175lbs 3x5 Stiff leg... Continue Reading →


Very good bench day

I went back to my regular schedule and did bench today, luckily my friend Ali was there, also doing chest and he agreed to spot me for a max. He was an awesome motivator too because he kept saying, "No, that was too easy you should go up". So I kept pushing myself and my... Continue Reading →

Back to squats

I moved my squats to Monday this week since I missed Sunday and I was feeling a little better today, but definitely not well enough to do 45 min of cardio. I used a gym belt for the squats and deadlifts, which definitely helped but I miss my belt. Reg squat 135lbs 5x5 (all full... Continue Reading →

Sick… day 3

So I still felt sick this morning, but felt like maybe I might be able to make it to the gym, Saturday is an easy day with just 2 arm workouts. But instead of just going I did a little research. I looked on two different sites both within but they were almost completely... Continue Reading →

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