2017 – 2018 Pre Internship

I completed my Pre-Internship in a grade 4/5 split classroom at Grant Road School in Regina, Saskatchewan.

During my Fall 8 week Wednesday block I taught a variety of lessons including a Remembrance Day animal lesson, a writing lesson focusing on adjectives as well as one on transitions.


During my Winter 3 week block, I taught a grade 4 light science unit, specifically focusing on natural and artificial light in outcome LI4.1. As well as, the concepts in outcome LI4.2 (refraction, reflection, dispersion, transparent, translucent and opaque).


I used a student lead method, including an anticipation guide, centres, during which they completed a booklet as a group performing an experiment, acting out what they observed and drawing what they saw. As well to finish the exploration the students were given a and a choice of how to complete their final presentation.


Samples of student’s Final presentations:

Graphic Novel

I also introduced and taught 3 – 30 minute Phys Ed lessons on powerlifting, focusing on the 3 main lifts of squat, bench and deadlift.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 11.20.14 PM.png

As there was no proper weightlifting equipment available at the school, and we had a limited time to learn and practice the lifts I decided to focus on the movements and form of each lift.

Many of the students enjoyed doing ‘exercises with Miss B. and requested to do squats or pushups for brain breaks.



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